Here's a list of the upcoming pinball events in the St Louis area.

If you have a pinball event that you'd like included on this page, use the contact form on the about page to give us the info.

  • Aug-15-2017 - Oct-31-2017: Padavan NY Pinball League
    10 week season featuring head to head play each week followed by a night of playoffs. Four games played each week using ruleset. For Josh--please change year date from 2018 to 2017, thank you! , Saint Charles, MO,
  • Aug-20-2017 - Nov-05-2017: Padavan NY Pinball League--Sunday
    10 week season utilizing head to head play with one night for the playoffs. Four games each week utilizing ruleset. , Saint Charles, MO,
  • Sep-27-2017 - Dec-13-2017: Silver Ballroom League
    Meets every Wednesday from 9/27 through 12/13. 10 weeks of qualifying with 4 games per week. Groups of 4 when possible. Week 11 is playoffs with 8 more games to win. 48 meaningful games to win overall. League size averages around 53 players. $4 entry per week (for the 10 qualifying weeks) + coin ... , St. Louis, MO,
  • Oct-04-2017 - Dec-20-2017: CP Pinball Fall 2017 League
    Head to head play in groups of 4 players. We meet for 10 weeks with one week for the finals. each player will be placed due to skill level or previous league finshing. Players can move up or down each week depending on play. , South Roxana, IL,
  • Oct-11-2017 - Dec-27-2017: Silver Ballroom League
    4 games per night, 3 to 4 players in a group. 10 regular weeks with playoffs the 11th week. Average about 55 players per league historically. , St. Louis, MO,
  • Oct-22-2017 CP Pinball Pin Golf
    Players will play in groups of 4 people. We will have a 9 Machines to play on. Each Game will have a Set Score, If you can reach that score on 1 ball you get a HOLE IN ONE. 2 Balls = 2 strokes 3 Balls = 3 strokes If you have an extra ball you can play it and it counts as a stroke. If you have n... 115 Sinclair Avenue, South Roxana, IL,
  • Nov-19-2017 CP Pinball 3 Strike Tournament
    Players will play head to head against other players in groups in of 4 people. The people with the 2 lowest scores will recieve a strike, once you get 3 strikes you are out of the tournament. Once there is one player left they are deemed the WINNER. If you get knocked out early we have over 50 o... 115 Sinclair Avenue, South Roxana, IL,
  • Dec-17-2017 CP Pinball 2017 December Football Tournament
    3 strike tournament 115 Sinclair Avenue, South Roxana, IL,