Upcoming Events

Here's a list of the upcoming pinball events in the Memphis area.

If you have a pinball event that you'd like included on this page, use the contact form on the about page to give us the info.

  • Nov-24-2018 The Retro Grand Re-Opening Tournament
    This will be a group matchplay tournament with 8 qualifying rounds with PAPA scoring. Entry fee is $11 and games will be set to free play. 8323 U.S. 51, Millington, TN,
  • Dec-09-2018 Bluff City Pinball Pinball Pinball 12.9
    $10 entry. Registration at 1. Start time 1:30. End time 4:30. Head to head match play for 3 hours. Head-to-head match play on few enough machines that there’s at least a player or two waiting at all times. At the end of each game, the winner gets one point. The loser stays at the game unles... 768 Cooper Street, Memphis, TN,