Pinball Map App Support - FAQ

How do I search for a particular machine?

  • When you're on the map screen, click the "filter" button in the upper right, then choose a machine. Then go back to the map and it will only show places with that machine.

When I filter for "Cool Machine (Pro)", I also see results for "Cool Machine (LE)". What's up?

  • After selecting a machine to filter, you can then further filter it to either that exact model or all models.

How do I add a new location?

  • Click the menu icon in the lower right, and choose "Submit Location". Then fill out the form! Our administrators moderate submissions, and it can take a few days. The more accurate and thorough your submission, the quicker it will get added!

How do I remove a machine from a location?

  • Click on the machine name, and then look for a "remove" button.

This location closed/no longer has machines. What do I do - do I need to tell you?

  • Simply remove all the machines from it. Empty locations are periodically removed.

When I search for a city, the city is listed twice (and maybe the second instance of it is misspelled). Or, I see the same location listed twice. Or, the place is in the wrong spot on the map. Etc.

  • These are data entry mistakes. Please contact us so we can fix them.

How do I get listed as an operator?

  • Contact us and we'll add you.

What is your privacy policy?

  • We do not track or store user locations, nor store any personal information. We do not sell any user data. We do not use third-party analytics - however, we built the app using Expo, and they collect anonymous usage statistics. This site is not monetized. We keep a log of map edits that users make. More detailed Privacy Policy.

If you have another question or comment about the application, please contact Thank you for your continued support.

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