Pinball Map Privacy Policy

This document was not written or reviewed by a lawyer.

The data on Pinball Map are supplied by site/app users. Thus, we consider it "your" data. We do not use the data to generate revenue. We appreciate your use of our site/app, and we respect your privacy. This privacy policy is intended to add transparency to our operations.

We automatically collect:

IP addresses, and general device info, of users who take these actions on the site/app:

  • Add a new machine name to the database
  • Add a machine to a location
  • Leave a condition comment for a machine
  • Remove a machine from a location
  • Suggest a new location to be added to a region

We get an email when anyone does one of those things. The emails help us keep an eye on the data. So in addition to the email telling us, "Star Trek was removed from Bob's Big Bar," it also tells us something like:

(entered from via Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0))


(entered from via PinballMap/20 (iPhone; iOS 8.3; Scale/2.00))

Browsers collect this "user agent" data automatically. We use the device info for troubleshooting problems.


In Winter 2016, we added a user system. In this system, people create user accounts. Only logged in users can take the actions listed above. So now those emails contain user info (username and email address). We have a log of edits made to the site, and we can use that log to make sure certain users aren't messing with things.


When you use our mobile app, and have Location Services enabled, our app use the location data (to, for example, tell you the closest locations with pinball machines). We do not collect this information (so, of course, we cannot associate it with an IP address, device info, or username).

We do not share:

We do not share any user data with anyone.