Upcoming Events

Here's a list of the upcoming pinball events in the Arkansas area.

If you have a pinball event that you'd like included on this page, use the contact form on the about page to give us the info.

  • Springfield Pinball Monthly Tournament
    Springfield Pinball Monthly Tournament at 1984 Arcade – 400 S. Jefferson – Springfield, MO. Thursday, May 9th, 2019 6pm. SSTTRRIIKKEE TTHHRREEEE, YYOOUURREE OOOUUUTTT !!! This is be an ‘ol fashioned triple strike, best of 3 format. participants play head to head matches in best of 3 games. per... 400 South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO,
  • May-22-2019 - Jul-31-2019: SGF/ QCP Super League
    Pinball league at 1984 Arcade ( 400 S. Jefferson St. Springfield, Missouri ) 11 consecutive weeks, Each Wednesday from ( May 22nd – July 31st ) $5 dollars entry fee for pizza and league fees. Using 16 different machines. Either going to do herb style, everybody plays the same 5/6 machines for hi... 400 South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO,
  • Jun-23-2019 Queen City Pinball Monthly Tournament June 2019
    Queen City Pinball presents, Stern Army Monthly Tournament at Meta-Games Unlimited - 3309 E Sunshine St A, Springfield, MO Sunday June 23rd, 2019. All players will play 8 rounds of group match play for points (7-5-3-1). depending on total participants, after 8, or how late this goes, this will e... 3309 East Sunshine Street, Springfield, MO,
  • Sep-14-2019 Springfield Pinball Annual Tournament 8th Edition
    Springfield Pinball 8th Annual Tournament at 1984 Arcade. Format: Four Strike Group knockout - 3/4 player groups - Four player group- Bottom 2 players get a strike per match. in a 3 player group- bottom 1 gets a strike - Random initial seeding - Balanced arena draws - All ties played on Bally’s... 400 South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO,
  • Sep-14-2019 King Of The Eight Ball, Round 2.
    King Of The Eight Ball !! Springfield Pinball Side Tournament at 1984 Arcade – . Saturday Sept, 14th, 2019 noon. this is a single game elimination (survivor series) on one machine, Bally’s Eight Ball. all participants are initally random seeded in a two player group to play one game on Eight B... 400 South Jefferson Avenue, Springfield, MO,