Treasure Map

Since 2007, we've spent countless evenings and weekends building, maintaining, and enhancing Pinball Map. It's a fun project, and we're grateful that so many people find it useful. We're committed to continuing to improve the site.

But as the site has grown in popularity and scope, the infrastructure costs have also grown. They are pretty modest, but they still take a bite out of our wallets.

To help us defray these costs, we made the decision to ask for donations. We've never made money off of this site, and we want it to remain ad-free.

Here are the costs, and thus our annual donation goals:

  • $110/year - Dreamhost
  • $20/year - Domain
  • $192/year - Database + SSL Encryption
  • $100/year - Apple Developer Fee
  • GRAND TOTAL: $422

If you like Pinball Map and want to help support it, you have our heartfelt thanks!