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This map is best maintained with the help of YOU. Please "add" and "remove" machines to/from locations to keep things up to date. And if you know of a location with machines that isn't on the map, use the "Suggest a New Location" link up top!

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We currently are tracking 173 locations and 345 machines. Backups are made nightly. So if something bad happens, the site can be replenished.

Message of the Day: Reminder: If a machine is no longer at a location, please remove it! No need to leave a comment saying it's gone.

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Judge Roy Bean's's Pirates of the Caribbean: 1st with 109,496,480 by RSJ Blipsy Arcade (Formerly Miss T's Barcade)'s Playboy (Bally): 1st with 258,140 by OCD Park Bar & Grill's Metallica (Premium): GC with 147,829,750 by RSJ Canyon Country Firestone's No Fear: Dangerous Sports: GC with 7,701,367,600 by RSJ Wagon Wheel Bowl's Goldeneye: GC with 2,595,945,890 by RSJ Tower of Pizza's Family Guy: 3rd with 31,534,210 by JFK EightyTwo's Doctor Who: 1st with 1,100,000,000 by CFF EightyTwo's AC/DC (Premium): 2nd with 106,594,070 by Cheerilee Trails Tavern's Metallica: with by