Here's a list of the upcoming pinball events in the Wisconsin area.

If you have a pinball event that you'd like included on this page, use the contact form on the about page to give us the info.

  • Feb-02-2017 - Apr-20-2017: East Side Pinball Winter 2017
    groups of 4, 5 games per night 2245 Hudson Road, Saint Paul, MN,
  • Mar-01-2017 - Apr-22-2017: Twisted Flippers
    First round of play for the night is drawn randomly. After the first round is completed, the next grouping will be matched by round results. (So if you finished 1st, you are matched against the other players that finished 1st in the previous round, 2nd matched with 2nd, and so on). Groups will al... , Milwaukee, WI,
  • Mar-04-2017 - Apr-22-2017: Fox Cities Pinball League
    Season will consist of 14 rounds with direct play 4/3 player groups using 7-5-3-1/7-4-1 scoring 14 games with 2x for direct play four player groupings 28 games TGP =100% , Appleton, WI,
  • Apr-16-2017 CANCAN WONDERLAND Inaugural Pinball Extravaganza
    Best game qualifying on bank of five games. 50% or less into A division. Group knockout, three game series per round, lowest in group eliminated. TOURNAMENT UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Due to new location with unknown capacity/peak times, there may be slight tweaks to the number of games/round and number... 755 Prior Avenue North, Saint Paul, MN,
  • Apr-19-2017 Uptowner Monthly Tournament
    Typically run a 2-Strike, Group Knockout tournament. Games played in randomly assigned 4-player groups, with 3rd and 4th place receiving strikes. Tournaments run on 1032 East Center Street, Milwaukee, WI,