Here's a list of the upcoming pinball events in the Richmond area.

If you have a pinball event that you'd like included on this page, use the contact form on the about page to give us the info.

  • May-08-2017 - Aug-12-2017: Balls of Steel RVA
    20-30 players, meeting 2 times per month we will switch to a direct play format this season, possibly the FSPA format , Richmond, VA,
  • May-15-2017 - Aug-31-2017: The Flipside
    Will be using PAPA style scoring or possibly pinburgh style scoring for match play. We will meet 6 times and have final tourney. The final tourney will have the same value as league night but it will be a match play finals using PAPA style scoring. , Richmond, VA,
  • Jun-06-2017 - Jul-22-2017: River City Flippers the Richmond Pinball League
    Summer league - shortened season with a variety of formats in a casual atmosphere. Final tournament on Saturday, July 15, 2017. , Richmond, VA,
  • Jun-10-2017 RPC Inaugural
    3 or 4 strike Swiss style knockout, 2 player matches. # of strikes dependent on player count (to manage time) Finals with last 8 or fewer players using PAPA style format, 3 game matches with up to 4 players in each group, top 2 advance in each group to final group 9550 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA,