Pinball Map iOS Application Support - FAQ

The application will not load.

  • Close the app, check your internet connection, and try again.

The "Closest Locations" menu is blank.

  • Check your Settings and turn on Location Services in the General Menu. Then try again.

When I load a location page, it goes blank and an error is thrown.

When I view a location, the map coordinates are incorrect.

  • Contact your regional administrator with the name of the location you tried to view.

My business has at least one pinball machine, but it does not show up in the application.

  • Your business or machines have not been added to the database yet.
  • First check if your business is in our database. If you don't see your business, submit your location to us! A regional administrator will then add the location to the site.
  • If your business is in our database, select it then add the machines to it. (If there are machines listed, but they've been replaced by others, please remove the machines and then add the new ones)

If you have another question or comment about the application, please contact Thank you for your continued support.

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  • Pinball Map iPad Screenshot 1
  • Pinball Map iPad Screenshot 2
  • Pinball Map iPad Screenshot 3
  • Pinball Map iPad Screenshot 4
  • Pinball Map iPad Screenshot 5